— This page is a work-in-progress —

GlyphHub is a project developed by a bachelor student team at Hasso-Plattner-Institut as their Bachelor’s project, titled “The Font Engineering Toolkit: Live Font Creation in a Self-supporting Programming Environment”, in cooperation with Lasse Fister.

The project aims to demonstrate a way to facilitate communication between font designers, reviewers and engineers.

It has been realized in Squeak/Smalltalk using the Morphic UI framework and involving a Python server based on Flask and Eve. We use fontmake for conversions from glyphs to UFO font files.

Overview of a font project. The displayed project is Mirza, designed by Kourosh Beigpour.

Annotations for Rich Conversations

Paint directly next to glyphs

Edit the vectors of a glyph to demonstrate improvements or problems

Upload Supports .ufo and .glyphs files


Preview for all your Glyphs